Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Adanvdo Yonv

This hand painted sign was made by Jan Rice of Heartworks.etsy.  In Cherokee syllabary, it says 'Adanvdo Yonv', which means 'Spirit Bear.'  The sign shows the principal directions of a Native American Medicine Wheel (E, S, W, N, Above, Below, and at the Center) and a Spirit Bear walking in balance (at the Center).

I have not always walked in balance, and in fact, could better serve as a cautionary tale than a good example :-).  All things in their own time.

Bears are healers, nurturers, caregivers, artists, etc..  Bear medicine represents the universal resource that is the comfort and love of all mothers, and is akin to Goddess energy.  Lessons of Mother Bear include finding strength by learning to go inside (introspection) when change (transformation) is needed for healing.  Those with bear totem are creative, intuitive, sensitive, emotionally intense.  They see that we are all connected and part of the One, but easily lose patience with those who are too self-centered or those who would harm the little ones.  Those with Bear totem often neglect to care for their own needs, so can benefit from a lesson from the other side of the Medicine Wheel, to care for oneself before turning to help others, in order to protect personal resources.